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Hey all. Just a quick note here on the distinct lack of any updates lately. I do have a lot of posts in the works but I’ve been either too busy to finish them or frankly too tired after all the work. With how some things are going lately I’ve also been left a bit angry, upset or tired which I’ve learned through some experience is a bad combination to write do any form of writing as those moods do creep out through the writing.

So just a quick list of what is in the pipe:

  • Another captains log entry from my original trip
  • My recent trip to NY, DC and Buffalo
  • Boat work progress
Ya. In other words I have a load of posts lined up which I’ll try to break up so it’s not 1 huge post. But I’d rather do it when I’m not frothing out the mouth at times.
Ciao for now.

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  1. George Moretti Says:

    I worked on the Charles A. Dambach from 1973-78 when it was a research
    vessel. Send me an email address if you wish to know more about the
    T-509’s history and I have some pictures I could dig up that I could
    share. Glad to see she found a good home.

    George C. Moretti

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