Reading, Writing but no Arithmetic.

On February 08, 2010 In Literature

So as many people do I read quite a bit. Right now just rereading a favorite, Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C Clarke. Of which I believe would make an excellent TV series if they were to tackle all the books. I’ve only read 2 out of the 4 books of the Rama series but according to a friend of mine the other 2 are even better. Not surprising since the first book basically leaves you with this sense of awe and mystery around what Rama is, the second begins to show you a bit more about it and the 3rd and 4th I simply have no idea about. However I think I’ll probably only read the first one this time and read some of the other books my sister gave me for Christmas including some of Terry Pratchets more recent work.

Another thing I like to do is write stories. I usually write short stories and most of which are totally unfinished (something I’m sure a number of people are cheesed about as a number of people have read my stuff and are often left at cliff hangers indefinitely). I’m working on a short story now asĀ  a sort of space adventure with a focus on action. With any luck I’ll finish this one to completion and get my sister to edit it; which she’s done already to some extent usually in the form of horrendous spelling mistakes or what is apparently my favorite past time, switching the tense of the narrative (ie I wrote 1 sentence that included the past present and future of a current action. Essentially I tore space and time a new one with my literary skills. Suck it physics!). I may see about getting this published as an eBook when I’m done through a page similar too or something (preferably Canadian based but I’m not picky). But in any case we’ll see. I’m also hoping that the world/universe I’ve created for this short story can be reused in other stories I have ideas for. I think I’ve written a unique enough world that it should be neat to play and travel in. But we’ll see.

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