As a quick brief early to mid 2010 I purchased Pathfinder to convert into a permanent liveaboard as I was frankly tired of paying rent or having to sell an apartment and move to a new location for work. I also wanted a change in living style as I found that house/apartment living was horrifically bland. So the first step was to bring Pathfinder home which took approximately 10 days and of which I’m still in the process of converting my voyage notes from emails to my girlfriend and family into blog posts but for a quick idea of the voyage we took here is a google map of roughly where Pathfinder came from and went to for its first voyage as my ship:

View Eastport Maine to the new Home in a larger map

The trip itself was quite an adventure in itself of which I encourage you to read the blog posts I made of my captains log. Which has more than just the first voyage itself but it does have all the voyages we’ve taken with her.

On some of the T-Boat sites I’ve found I’ve found out some of the prior names used to Pathfinder. Previously she was the Stillwater and prior to that the Nocomis. Just recently I also found out from a photo on US Army T-Boat History & Pictures that she was a Research Vessel called the R/V C.A.Dambach from this photo on the site. What she did under that name or prior to that still remains unknown. When I find more information I’ll post it here.

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