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So ya. I spent the rapture with my number 1 gal on the boat for the 3pm time slot and the I was having poutine with pulled pork at the 6pm time slot. Not a bad way to spend the beginning of the end of the world really :)

Our friend Harrod Camping has revised his A-Plane to heaven schedule in the wake of absolutely nothing happening at his given time (minus the nearly 100million dollars he apparently made during this prediction) to October 21st which is when in his original prediction the world was going to end as a whole. Originally Rapture was supposed to be May 21st followed by 5 months of hell for the rest of us left behind. NOW it’s going to be 5months of hell THEN the rapture. But that’s ok because apparently on top of this people WERE raptured… SPIRITUALLY!!!! Soooo I suppose that gives the green light to everyone who’s been raptured to be complete jerks to their fellow man since they’re now spiritless? Whatever. In any case the plans to help defeat the apocalyptic heat that we’ll have will include installing an AC unit into the boat sometime this year. So HA! Take THAT brimstone!


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Or not as I have milk that expires on May 22nd therefore the raptures date (as discerned by Mr.Camping) May 21st can’t be accurate.

Anyways I do have some animal related posts to put up but I have a few things to get sorted out first (ie photos and some maps as to where I’ve seen the animals around the islands). BUT being an avid fan of end of the world predictions, conspiracy theories and other tin foil hat wearing shenanigans I can’t just leave this one alone. So what is this end of he world prediction based on I hear you wonder. WELL let us let the math do the talking.

First off according to bible scholars Jesus was put on the cross on April 1 33AD (worst April fools prank ever).

Between April 1 33AD and April 1 2011AD there’s 1978 years.

1978 x 365.2422 (number of days per year) = 722,449

722,449 + 51 (number of days between April 1st and May 21st) = 722,500

So what right? WELL here’s where the shocker comes. Did you know that 722,500 = ( 5 x 10 x 17 ) ^2? (The little ^2 means to the power of 2 or in this case Squared)

So ya. Again… So what right? Well according to Camping:

5 = atonement

10 = completeness

17 = heaven

AMAZING!… Wait… Where did those numbers come from? As far as I can tell he just pulled them out of the air. No proof. Just his belief. Yup. That’s it.

Instead lets say that 722,500 represents Waffles. So this May 21st HOIST a waffle up high for international Waffle Worship Day! Or according to a group in Florida its international Gator day. So take your pick. I plan on having waffles though.

Random Musings on Fantasy Stories

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I have lots to write about I just never seem to sit down and actually tell the tales via my blog. Primarily because I get distracted by, well, distractions or I’m just not in the mood to write. For instance today I wanted to do a post on the animals I’ve encountered at TIM so far but I realize that I haven’t uploaded all my photos for them yet. I also want to write about the crazy windy storm that happened this past thursday but I haven’t uploaded a video one of the captains at TIM took on the tender showing the waves and primarily the hurricane force winds (No that’s not an exaggeration).

But here I am, not writing about either. Instead I’ve been thinking about a lot of what if scenario’s and how they’d work out in a story. Like the Lord of the Rings books is all set in the past with dwarves, elves and the like but their species were all sort of just fading away into history or whatever. Which begs the question why? They weren’t any less adaptable as humans really. Sure they were set in their very ancient ways but no more so than man. I brought this up to one of my colleagues at my office and pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be any fantasy type moves set in the now. Which she promptly shot down by pointing out that our action films are modern day fantasies. In “ye olde” fantasies it was usually all about some ancient artifact or king or whatever with some big event threatening to change the face of the earth. In todays action films though they’re basically the same thing. Since both have a good vs evil aspect to it and some hero(s) that have to do something to save the world. So there goes my hopes for a modern day Lord Of The Rings I suppose since it’d basically be “Die Hard” meets “Sum Of All Fears”. sigh

Anyways I’m currently reading “Dune” which is a great book and I’m thinking of picking of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” next since zombie literature is (oddly enough) quite good at times.

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