Excavation in the Pathfinder

On July 20, 2010 In Boat Add comments

Just a quick update on the boat progress now. The new hatch in the concrete floor has been cut and the concrete removed with GREAT difficulty and the wood for the walls for the master bath has been fastened to the floor. We’re now ready for tiling which starts this Wednesday. This weekend I’m taking off because I’m absolutely wasted and to giving the tiling and grouting some timing to finish hardening. The next big jobs are to put the walls up and run the wiring for the cargo hold along with clearing out the V-Birth to get ready for reno’s in there too.

HUGE thanks to my parents and my sister for all their help. I guess I’ll be doing slave labour for a few years now huh? :P

I’ll post photos of the work once I get back tonight.

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  1. Paul Brierton Says:

    Heh Heh heh do the words “Bilge work” come to mind.??

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