Heat wave! Oi! Oi!

On March 08, 2011 In Boat, News

Again I have failed in updating my blog in a timely manor. Saying that I’ve been busy is kinda redundant at this point, regardless though here’s the much awaited update including more pictures including a few of the interior!

In case people are missing the title reference here’s the YouTube from “A Muppet Christmas Carol”

Anyways turns out that this heater is crazy efficient at creating, well, heat. I can actually make some rooms 30 Celcius easily. The cargo hold for instance can keep VERY warm with 1 heater (ok the HUGE one) going on low. Both Jeannie and myself can now effectively LAUGH in the face of cold! HA! HAAAAAA!!! Well until what happened yesterday happened. Thanks to a migraine we didn’t come back Sunday night from up north and we were only able to make it back yesterday thanks to Jeannie driving all the way down. When we got back after some shopping for some parts for the boat the Webasto was off (We knew this’d happen as a result of not enough fuel in the reserve tank since we didn’t top it off before we left on Sunday). When I went down to the engine room to rehook up the fuel pump (I had taken it off because I wanted to reseal it all and mount it on a shelf) I noticed that radiator fluid was everywhere, we had a new leak. Near the bottom of the entire system we have basically a T section so we can drain the entire system if we need to or want to, the fittings that were holding the valve in earlier were leaking a bit so I had tightened them, which apparently caused it to leak more. ALSO there was a leak in the connection between the Webasto and the T itself which was new. So while migrained up and now stoned on Tylenol 3 (I had taken it before I went to fix it thinking that I only had to top up the fuel, then I could take a nap) and with the help of Jeannie we drained the system, fixed the connections, recharged the system and got our heat back. FUN! But it wasn’t stressful really. Maybe I’m just now used to this sort of crisis happening or perhaps I’m just like “Meh. I can handle this biznitch!” So ya. THAT was yesterday.

Interior wise we’ve been busy doing stuff. I’ve literally worked in every section of the boat at some time or other over the past few months. We cut the last of the metal out of the bathroom for headroom in the shower area, I’ve started on the buttress on the port side (We have no other term for it really. Basically since a boats walls curve we built a section of wall straight out like a shelf 1/2 way down then from the front edge of the shelf we build straight to the floor. In the space behind there we can put things like electrical, plumbing, the heaters etc.), reorganized the bow area, worked on the galley a bit (we have a cabinet area in there that we just need to finish securing this week. Thanks Dad!), and electrical for all the fans etc.

The headache is coming back so I’ll leave you with these pictures.

Josh vs The Webastard

On February 15, 2011 In Boat, News

Wow. So it’s been a month since my last update. Huh. I wonder how that happened… Whoops.

Anyways I’ve been very busy lately which is 1 reason for the lack of posts. I’ll get some photos up once I have sorted out the heating system aka the Webastard. So the way the ship will be heated is through what is essentially a boiler system that heats up a fluid (Basically anti-freeze used in engines which is also called glycol) that’s pumped around the ship through pipes to radiators that have fans on them. For Pathfinder we have basically 3 areas that are being heated on separate lines from the main manifold for the entire system. There’s a line for the galley that goes to 2 medium sized radiators, a BIG line to the cargo hold that has 1 medium and 1 large radiator (the large one is capable of pumping 36,000BTU’s out) and 1 small one that resides in the bathroom, and finally a line that goes to the pilot house for another medium one and the reservoir tank for bleeding air out of the system and adding extra glycol too. All the fluid is pumped and heated by a central Webasto heating system that with minimal fuel can produce 103,000 BTU’s of heat.

Although this system sounds complicated (it sorta is) it’s very efficient. Well… Rather it WILL be once all the kinks in the system are hooked up. Which brings me to why it’s called the Webastard now.

You’d figure that when you ship a heater it’d be ready to run with all the safety wiring hooked up properly or with notes to say “Hey. We ship this unplugged so it won’t work.” Yaaaa no. So the fuel pump system is hooked up in series to a bunch of sensors that are either 100% working or if there’s an issue 100% not working. They include 1 for overheating (stop the system from melting), 1 for a lack of flame in the combustion chamber (stop the system from flooding with fuel), and another one for no glycol in the system. So if any of these are not working then the fuel pump won’t go. So… IF that’s not documented and you’re hooking this up yourself you’d say waste a bunch of time trying several fuel systems before giving up after spending oodles of cash on alternative fuel delivery systems such as secondary tanks, pumps etc. Turns out what the issue was was that 1 plug in the sensors was not plugged in on purpose during their testing and was just left unplugged when it was delivered. This little tid bit could’ve meant that I’d have had heat over 2 weeks ago.

Personally I think this was some sort of evil German scientist plot to overthrow the world by denying people heat. This sounds like something some guy in a white lab coat with a crazy accent would do.

“Professor! We have completed the new heater that’s extremely efficient and will help keep people warm!”

“Excellent. UND now zat vee are over throwing zee heating industry vee shall launch phase 2 of zee plan! Unplug zee sensors and tell no one about it!” DUN dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUN

At least that’s how it sounds in my head.

I got that sorted out with tech support guy Gilbert et voila! The system roared to life… FILLING the engine room with exhaust. After clearing that out I sealed the exhaust system a few times (it wouldn’t stay sealed. Not enough sealant).

Finally the day came where I could get the radiators running. Which on that day 3 things happened in quick succession.

  1. I found a new leak in the exhaust
  2. The medium sized radiators all blow backwards from the way we expect
  3. A pipe exploded out of one of the clamps in the system flooding the cargo hold with steam AND glycol.

Exciting eh? So after the explosion that’s left a Jackson Pollock painting on the wall I’ve clamped everything up, re-sealed the exhaust and tonight we finish modifying the medium radiators so that we can use them as we had intended. Whew. See? I’ve been busy.

Pictures will be coming after I sort out the heating so that people can see the progress of the interior.

The sea’s were getting rough, the little ship was tossed…

On November 25, 2010 In Boat, News

No we didn’t go for a 3 hour tour recently in the boat but with the weather as it is currently the marina we’re in is more akin to a washing machine than a calm harbor. Basically whenever the winds kick up the waves out in the lake (especially if the wind is coming from the south at all) all the wave action starts to funnel into the marina area tossing around all the boats there. It’s times like these I’m happy that Pathfinder has serious bulk on its side so the waves have a harder time moving us around but even then there are times when Jeannie and I will be there and we’re both feeling a bit sea sick. But to make ourselves feel better we look out the window at the other ships in the marina. Dear LORD I have no idea how those people stay in bed with the boats tossing like they do. It was SO rough this morning that one of our fellow boaters was tossed from the dock into the water. He was alright and some people were able to help him get out but still… BIG waves (just a note out there to people worried that the same will happen to the crew of the Pathfinder, don’t worry. We’re tied up to the concrete wall so when we stand on our “dock” we’re actually standing on land not a floating platform).

If the weather is still as rough as it is now tonight I’ll take some photos of the waves going by the entrance of the marina. BIG white caps.

Also these waves should be moderated out a LOT more in the coming week when Kajama and the Empire Sandy arrive in our area… Like they said they were about 3 weeks ago… I’m not exactly holding my breath BUT it would be nice for them to be there to help curb the wave action we’re suffering through some nights.

Sorry for the meandering post there. I woke up early to the weather and a lot of crashing noises which turned out to be the ships on the other side getting tossed around roughly. So I’m a bit disoriented. Fortunately today should be fairly light work wise.

Also GOOD LUCK JEANNIE on your second interview!

I’m not dead yet!

On October 12, 2010 In News

Just a quick post to say that I’m still here. It’s been very busy lately though. I’ve been punted from my apartment thanks to the retardedness of the people that manage the POW Apartment complex, I’ve moved in with my sister temporarily (THANKS K!), the boat is coming along nicely (THANKS EVERYONE THAT HAS HELPED!), I need 2 root canals done, 1 on either side (THANKS ME! :( ), and work as always is nuts but I’m finally caught up just in time to get swamped again. So ya. Not a lot of time to sit down and regale the internet with tales of daring do sadly.

Anyways I’ll post pics, plans and stories later this week when the contractors are back over on Pathfinder again.

A wild floor plan emerges. It uses simplify. It’s super effective!

On September 10, 2010 In Boat, News

So just a quick update because frankly I haven’t had a lot of time to… you know… sleep. So a bit exhausted.

This past weekend we worked our butts off (Dad and myself) also my Dad worked on the boat (with my Mom) for part of this week as well. A number of things got done including a redesign of the upper floor plan. Before I explain that here’s a cut away of the boat itself and how the ship is more or less laid out.


Ok. The image is REALLY not to scale so don’t get too hung up on that. So in no particular order here are the room’s described:

  • Master Cabin: Basically the master bedroom you’d have in a house. 2 closets, bed side tables, queen sized mattress, and even a little sink.
  • Cargo hold: This is the tiled area from previous posts and will contain the bathroom (shower, toilet, sink etc), a sitting room that will span from port to starboard for about half the length of the cargo hold and can be converted into 2 additional cabins in the future if needed. Currently this has the wood burning fireplace in it. Also this is where the straight stairs come down to a little counter which will have the washer and dryer underneath.
  • Engine room: This has the engine (surprise surprise), the fuel tanks (500 gallons in each tank), the batteries, generator etc. A future plan for this is to get rid of the engine and put it into the Lazaret (different type of engine known as a Volvo Zeus Pod Drive System) and changing this entire space into a much larger master cabin and larger master bath, leaving the existing ones as a spare cabin and guest bath. Nice huh?
  • Lazaret: Currently a cargo hold and where the steering gear is.
  • Pilot House: Primarily where you steer the ship from but with the modifications we’ve done we’ve made it much larger and usable as a living room that happens to have a steering station up front and a dynamite view from the top.
  • Galley: The kitchen and dining room area (Stove top, oven, microwave, dish washer etc etc).

So the floor plan changed as to where the galley was going to go versus where it is now. The old plan we were trying to put the galley up behind the steering station in the pilot house. Which would be handy on long cruises (like REALLY long cruises) but ridiculously hard to put there with the size and space limitations. My Mom and Dad came up with the idea of why not put it where the living room was going to go where there’s a bit more space, closer to all the plumbing, AND we can use a rubberized tile in there as a nonslip surface that can take a bit of a beating (shoes from outside with the whole winter thing coming up would be hard on any other type of material we put down).

So ya. THAT’S the NEW plan. Also we figured out the final way to do the walls easiest so that may be started on this Sunday.

I may also have secured winter dockage… But it may be a bit tight to get in there. I won’t relay too many details now just to not get my hopes up too much. But it is looking good.

Thanks again to my Dad and Mom for all their help!

The weekend that wouldn’t DIE!!!

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Hey! How’s it been? What did you do on your weekend? Good good. Watched TV? Nice… Anything good on? No? Sounds fun. Mine? WELL. Let me tell you about mine.

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some work on the boat done but not as much as we had planned thanks to mother nature turning on the broil setting with the weather. Regardless though we got the stairs back down and fastened at the top. We also figure out how we’re going to do the master cabin (the flooring in there currently would have been too… tedious… to do with wood and foam so instead we’re going to level it up with concrete and plywood on top of that. WAY easier), rearranged the galley design and figured out how we’ll do the flooring.

Sounds pretty typical up to this point right?

Well Saturday we started hearing some overly loud music coming from Center Island, some concert was going on, which is fine and all but was a bit annoying. Sunday rolls around and that concert became a LOT annoying. We spent a great deal of Sunday filing a police report. Ya. Some drunks stole one of my life rings off my boat which sounds like no big deal until you know their price (like $200 easily). But I wasn’t the only one it seems. There was a few paddles stolen, and one of the marina’s boats. What they figure happened is a couple drunken morons missed the last ferry and decided it’d be a good idea to steal a boat and get back to the main land. So ya. Fun.

After that we secured the boat a bit better and called it a day since it was getting late and the temperature was insanely hot and humid.

To top it all off the day that wouldn’t end continued… cuz it’s never ending and stuff right? *sigh*

I had (emphasis had) an issue with one of my 2 AC units in my apartment. 1 was leaking water because the humidifier to get rid of the water it accumulated from cooling couldn’t compete with the humidity that we’re suffering through right now. We solved that Saturday night with a large plastic bin under it. So last night at 12:30am the landlord bangs on my door to inform me that the tenants below have a drip coming from their ceiling. So I’ve disengaged 1 AC in light of that despite the fact that my floor is dry now and no more water leaks. Part of the weird thing is that they wanted me to go down and look to see the drip. Which is weird because all I’d be able to say is “Yup. That’s a drip.” Anyways they were supposed to talk to me today regarding that but I haven’t received a call yet. That’s more or less what I figured would happen so I had preemptively setup a webcam to monitor the door. Lets see what pics I have tonight. Hopefully nothing. But who knows.


Tile progress on the boat

On July 29, 2010 In Boat, News

I meant to post this earlier but a lot of work has gone into the boat lately. Also with work being nuts as it is I haven’t really had any decent time to sit down and finish the load of 1/2 finished blog posts I have stashed away (most notably the next day in the article series on my trip from Eastport to Toronto). Anyways here’s a photo of the boat cargo hold before:


And here’s the after pregrouting


And here’s a series of the tiled cargo hold from in the cargo hold looking in various directions.

The weekend the stairs died

On July 07, 2010 In Boat, News

This past weekend and the prior 2 days was unusually busy for me. First off the best girl in the world came up to see me (You know who you are) and for the next 4 days we did some shopping, some working (I had to work this past Friday between Canada Day and Saturday), some exploring of Center Island and a LOT of working on the boat.

We got the spiral staircase cut out and the new staircase put in. Sadly the spiral staircase had to go, it was simply too small to use daily and generally we injured ourselves on it more often than not. My Dad had a straight Stainless steel staircase that he was using as a ladder for his boat up north that we’ve re-purposed into my new steep stairway. This will give us a lot more usable space around the cargo hold itself and afford us a huge bathroom for the boat.

A lot of painting was done too! Nearly the entire port side was repainted black and she’s looking really good now.

This week and weekend will be mainly cleaning up the cargo hold to get ready for the tiling and walls etc. So ya. Things are moving well now. :)

Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and K. Extra special thanks to my hun!

Ma’ Beaker appears!

On June 15, 2010 In News, Weird People

A few days ago I had a string of weird people meetings on the GO Train. 3 in 1 day in fact. First on the way in I sat across from 2 highschool students that were going into University soon. One was going for some fairly generic courses (can’t remember which exactly), the other was going to like University for like Volleyball so she could like do like cool stuff like maybe become like a like doctor like like! When I come into power I figure one of the first words I’ll have stricken from the English language is “like”. Everyone will be forced to us “similar to” or “has properties which are some what like” JUST to stop short single word abuse.

Next when I was getting off the train at my stop I turned around and came face to face with a lady that seriously looked li… similar too beaker. Same crazy hair, same down turned smile of mild dismay, and same bug eyes. It took quite a bit not to exclaim “Meemoo MOOOO!” And because this paragraph is a bit short here’s a youtube clip of beaker.

Finally on the way to the boat I met… Toooh-neeee….. Tony isn’t quite all there and is kinda smelly. I made the distinct mistake of shaking his hand in greeting after we had talked about how to get to Center Island and if you had to pay to get back. When I got to the island I naturally washed my hands… and then again… and then finally the “essence” of Tony was finally thwarted by a liberal use of industrial hand sanitizer. Smelly Tony is a nice helpful guy (wanted to help carry the cooler I had brought along) but as the nick name suggests… He’s kinda smelly.

Anyways that’s all the weird people I’ve seen lately of any significance. News wise the move of the boat went well and I’m in a great spot now. Construction is also moving along at a good speed and I figure we’ll be totally done demolition by the end of this week. I’ll have to do a more thorough post on what is going to be going on with the boat when I get a chance to digitize my floor plan sketches.

Well that’s all for now. Ciao.

Dockage, updates, and boat weirdness

On May 31, 2010 In Boat, News

So as you can see the post of the 3rd day of my trip from Eastport to Toronto is up. I’ll continue working through my notes and post the rest as I can. Not sure how long it’ll take overall though as I’m trying to make sure I get onto the ship permanently by the end of July… Soooooo ya. I’ll be busy.

Anyways, this weekend ended up being very busy for me while getting only some of what I wanted done. We (my parents, my friend Jon and I) got the bilge pumped out over the weekend satisfactorily and were able to clean and pump over the side 6 barrels worth of water. The plus side is that with the considerably less fuel on board (400ish gallons of diesel vs what it is when full which is 1000 gallons) plus the water out of the bilge she’s now drawing only 6 and a half feet in the stern and around 5 and feet in the bow. Next jobs include finalizing on what phase 1 for the interior of the ship is going to be so that I can call it “liveable”. The basic features I’m going to have on board is the following:

  1. Master berth
  2. Master bath
  3. Some form of galley even if it is just a microwave, and fridge
  4. The cargo hold(s) interior completed with regards to walls (tiling may be done later)

Naturally this is a lot of work but it’s not horrendous really.

This weekend we also found where I’ll be docking permanently for this summer at least (I may try to convince them to let me stay there year round though because the spot is just awesome and in a spot that ice won’t bother it that much). The people of Toronto Island Marina are just hella awesome. They really have saved my sanity ever since OHM decided to play silly bugger games with me the day before I left to pick up the ship (long story). Gary the Dock Master at TIM is a great guy and REALLY liked my boat (so much so it sounded like he was interested in getting one himself) so at least I have the head of the Marina as my champion for the docks. It’s handy to have friends like that. :)

We also met an elderly couple where the husband is a guy that has lived on a ship before in Georgian bay for many years and is now a glass salesman. So who cares right? The guy said if I need glass at a good price (which I do most definitely) of any variety including safety or even stained glass windows, talk to him he’ll get me an awesome price.

I’m quickly realizing the mystical powers of owning a ship. When I bought a condo in Kitchener many moons ago people were nice about helping but they really weren’t proactive about it. With a ship however all my friends have offered help, my coworkers, and total strangers. It’s rather disorienting how friendly people are regarding this. Needless to say once she’s more complete I’m going to need to take a lot of people out for a cruise.

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