Bolt cutter guy update

On February 05, 2010 In Weird People Add comments

So I ran into him on the way to work today. He actually was riding a bike around… It was lime green and the kind that is usually labeled as a “girls” bike (metal fenders, the different frame type etc). It also had the pole for a large bike warning flag out the back. Now I don’t want to cast aspersions at people that ride those sorts of bikes but it was most likely not the sort of bike he’d go out and get himself.

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  1. Malik Monios Says:

    What is with these unusual comments? While me. By what method do you get the content for your articles? I own a blog too and have hard time to find something to blog about something everyone would find fun to read and participate in the site. Well, reply back if you have some information.

  2. Josh Says:

    Hi. I tend to get the content for my articles by what I see and what happens to me. I’ve been leading a rather busy life as of lately so there’s a lot to write about. (ie Boat, work, the people I see on the way etc)

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